Komatsu PC138US-2

Weighing in at just under 14 tones our Komatsu is big enough to handle a Keto 100 harvesting head and yet small enough to not cause damage to ground and under growth.
With a width of just 3.46m and the ability to turn almost on the spot we find it extremely maneuverable and very effective moving around even tightly spaced woods.
Its powered by a very reliable and efficient 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine which complies with exhaust emission regulations. The Keto 100 harvesting head will handle trees to a maximum diameter of 45cm(18inch). With a maximum out put of 50 tonnes a day we find this combination of equipment both efficient and very effective. 
We also have available a rake for clearing up all the tops and giving a near park land finish.

Timberjack 810

Also known in the industry as a forwarder, this purpose built bit of equipment is designed to carry a maximum weight of 9 tonnes per load of wood.  Weighing in at almost 10 tonnes and having an arm reach of nearly 10m it is perfect for all aspects of forestry. Be it collecting wood from behind a harvester, creating log stacks for measuring or stacking log trucks for the mill, this is an all in one work horse. 


Valmet 6600

Every forester needs a tractor as part of their standard equipment list, reliable, efficient and effect in its ability to support any role. From hauling timber out of a wood with its purpose built timber trailer or winching over sized or hard to reach logs out with its 8 ton forestry winch.

The Chainsaw

Still used all over the world in forestry operations, there is still no comparison for a chainsaw in the hands of a skilled operator. They are quick, effective and extremely efficient at felling trees of all sizes. Used where machines can not gain access or the trees need to be felled with exact precision, the chainsaw is the perfect choice.